These are objects and textures I scanned to use in my project. My home scanner would NOT do 3D objects, but the scanner in the classroom worked perfectly. Textures: Burlap, fancy paper, dead daffodils, dead daffodils in plastic bag and empty plastic bag.   Barbie, jelly beans, my S7, an old drawing, and a necklace. When first considering what kinds of textures I could scan, I thought of sandpaper. It…

Brush Addiction

Okay, I admit it, I have a tiny problem with brush infatuation. It fits nicely with my font fixation and my dish compulsion. I love finding new brushes, and making my own is even better. Since I am using Barbie and a ’57 Vette as symbols of desire I decided to make them into brushes.

Conspicuous Consumption

Desire vs. Need, Love, Happiness

Who’s Behind that Mask?

I love quick mask. And quick select. Obviously I have no patient and like things to be quick and easy. Today I colorized pears. Then I added a cloudy sky to the ocean. Finally I used three different photos to create this still life. Playing in Photoshop is endlessly enchanting.

Barbie on the Beach

What do you desire? What do I desire? What images represent the idea of desire? This is the question for our first project. Here are some of the images I’ve found while thinking about the idea of desire. ¬†  

Layers and Color Mixing

I have used layers in Photoshop for many, many years, so what was new for me are the exercises in color mixing and painting with gradated value. This is the method for painting with gradated value. My samples are on the bottom.   This is the color mixing we did. The sample to match is on the top, the colors I created on the bottom of each color set.

Welcome to Digital Imaging or How I Am Spending my Summer Vacation

As I continue my BFA journey I am taking a class called Digital Imaging. I hope to learn more about Photoshop as well as becoming comfortable with Illustrator. As a painter I often scan images of my paintings and manipulate them in Photoshop to try out an idea before making a real life change. I make art because I see the world as paintings. ¬†Driving on the highway north of…

Museum of Non-Visible Art