Inspiration for Project Three

I love the graphic quality of Charley Harper’s work.

Nature Photos

Morningside Nature Center

Morningside is a pine forest, that has been tamed by paths and made hospitable for visitors and animals. The day we were there was warm, and we arrived late enough in the morning that the only wildlife I saw were a few birds. The Center isn’t quite wild, yet it provides a place to interact with nature, which is essential for calming the mind. I wandered about taking photos and…

Going into the vintage postcard business

This postcard was created using a tutorial from Spoon Graphics. If you have even been in Tucson you may recognize a few things.

Planet Vector

Going from Illustrator to Photoshop

My Watergun

Gradient Mesh…handy tool or trick of the devil?

This mesh was created on top of an apple. See that white bit at the bottom? It refuses to leave, no matter what I do with my selection tool and the eyedropper.   But Photoshop has its charms.

Polka dots, patterns and brushes, oh my.

Fat dinosaur

I learned a great deal while creating this dinosaur.

Museum of Non-Visible Art