Morningside Nature Center

Morningside is a pine forest, that has been tamed by paths and made hospitable for visitors and animals. The day we were there was warm, and we arrived late enough in the morning that the only wildlife I saw were a few birds. The Center isn’t quite wild, yet it provides a place to interact with nature, which is essential for calming the mind.
I wandered about taking photos and saw no other people although I could hear the laughter of my classmates. When I got back to the parking lot I saw two different moms arrive. One was planning to jog, with her baby in a stroller, and the other was walking with two young children.
There are many places to encounter nature, from the wildest undeveloped spot to a place as cultivated as Busch Gardens. I think that no matter how wild being in nature offers a connection that cannot be achieved by looking at potted plants in the office. We are meant to have a connection with our planet, and being able to do that is crucial to our mental health. I’m glad that places as nice as Morningside Nature Center exist, to offer the opportunity to get a little lost in nature.

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