Artist Statement

There is enough food produced to feed the entire world population, but there are still millions of hungry people. I created my poster with some surprising statistics about hunger in the US. I want viewers to consider the problem of hunger in our country. I chose simple graphics so that the information is easily assimilated. I chose green to represent the abundance of nature, and a fleshy orange to represent…

T shirt graphic and poster

Drawing in Illustrator

These are some of the things I drew in Illustrator for my poster.

Fun with Gradients and Blending

Making Popsicles on a Summer Day

Technically it won’t be summer for another eight days, but it is good to be prepared, right? Here is a creamsicle, by special request. And then there was a pattern.  

Vector Image

Rather than reinventing the wheel, I found a free vector image for dimes and nickels. Coins Vectors by Donna Morse from the Vecteezy site.

Project Four begins

After looking at Jules Breton’s image I thought I might use the composition, substituting a starving child for the gleaners.  I drew this in Illustrator using a reference photo from the internet.

Project Four Research



AES+F presentation AES+F Paper

I still have trouble writing donuts instead of doughnuts.

Museum of Non-Visible Art