Steer skull

Low poly Polar Bear

Bread and Hunger

Holes in My Buffalo


An excellent article about extremist propaganda and a call to action.

Project Three: Two Futures to Choose From

Which do you want?   I prefer to work towards a better world.

Artist Statement

We have created a world defined by consumerism. The results of greed are a world that has too much of some things and not enough of others. What kind of a world do we want? My art depicts two views of nature, one that is totally overwhelmed by human development; houses, buildings, and factories usurp the landscape. A barge of garbage floats by on an ocean that is poisoned by…

Project Three in process

This is the first of two images I am working on for Project Three: Nature.  I want to change the birds in the sky a bit, and add a shore bird or two. Perhaps even a squirrel when I have time. This is the second image, I want to add a lot more stuff of course, but it is on it’s way. This is where I was working on creating…

Tropical Bungalow Tutorial – Extra Credit

I completed the tropical bungalow tutorial, and learned a great deal while completing it. It wasn’t difficult to follow along, although there were a great many steps and incredibly detailed instructions. I learned methods to precisely position and align shapes, using the move dialog box and the align functions. I learned to use reflect and got practice with the shape tool. I am pleased with the outcome of the tutorial….

What do we value?

Museum of Non-Visible Art