Tropical Bungalow Tutorial – Extra Credit

I completed the tropical bungalow tutorial, and learned a great deal while completing it. It wasn’t difficult to follow along, although there were a great many steps and incredibly detailed instructions. I learned methods to precisely position and align shapes, using the move dialog box and the align functions. I learned to use reflect and got practice with the shape tool. I am pleased with the outcome of the tutorial.

I made my own little Florida beachhouse, and included birds and fish and a little crab. I used the techniques in the tutorial, including shading on the door and under the pilings. I intend to use these ideas and pieces in my project pieces, since I want to have a beach and a city scene. I have found that keeping track of the order of shapes is important, and annoying. I think that I am just beginning to think about how to use shapes to construct various structures and animals. I’m glad I completed the tutorial.

Museum of Non-Visible Art