Artist Statement

We have created a world defined by consumerism. The results of greed are a world that has too much of some things and not enough of others. What kind of a world do we want?

My art depicts two views of nature, one that is totally overwhelmed by human development; houses, buildings, and factories usurp the landscape. A barge of garbage floats by on an ocean that is poisoned by red tide. The beach is littered with empty milk cartons, beer bottles and soda cans, representing the loss of clean water for drinking. The only life in the image are the two people riding on the garbage barge, sailing away on the detritus of lives run amok. The colors are dingy and dull, the sky is grey, the sun seems to have disappeared; which represents the dim future we face if we continue as we are now.

The second photo is the same beach as it could be, as I hope it will be. One simple house in the distance, while the air and water and forest teem with life. This image has no sign of the rampant human invasion. The sky is blue, the colors are brighter to evoke the promise of restoring nature by putting the needs of the planet before our own fleeting desires.

Museum of Non-Visible Art