These are objects and textures I scanned to use in my project. My home scanner would NOT do 3D objects, but the scanner in the classroom worked perfectly.

Textures: Burlap, fancy paper, dead daffodils, dead daffodils in plastic bag and empty plastic bag.


Barbie, jelly beans, my S7, an old drawing, and a necklace.

When first considering what kinds of textures I could scan, I thought of sandpaper. It can both destroy and refine things. Desire can be destructive if you let it take over your life.

This is the dead leaves from a daffodil I had sitting on my desk. When I saw this at Lucky’s I was smitten and impulsively put it in my cart. It was beautiful, but it didn’t last, and now all I have are bulbs buried under dirt that maybe, hopefully will bloom again. Many things we desire are like this…make us briefly happy before losing their luster.


The ubiquitous shopping bag, perennial symbol of acquisition. Some bags have their own status, and others simply care our new possessions home.

This is my favorite of the textures I scanned. It is seen as a homely fabric, often associated with coarseness and with mourning (sackcloth and ashes).  It is the antithesis of my depiction of desire, perfectly contrasting with shiny things.

This is a decorative paper I used for a project last semester. It is a shiny gold color. I loved it for the way it looks, and the symbolism of shiny gold. In my image I changed the hue to teal, and used it to change the surface of the Corvette.

Barbie is the perfect example of consumerism. Almost everyone recognizes Barbie, she’s plastic, unrealistically proportioned and completely fake.

The first Barbie I had was a gift from my older sister, who also sewed a dress for her. I loved that doll and wanted to look just like her: sleek and sophisticated.

I chose jellybeans as a symbol of all the food we consume that has no nutritional value, it just looks pretty.

I have owned this necklace since I lived in France when I was a little girl. I chose it for the image to represent both jewelry and travel.

This paperdoll is one that I drew many years ago for a project, when I decided to include a corvette in my image I remembered that she was still hanging around in my drawing table.  She is similar to Barbie, wearing stilettos at the beach. Paperdolls were a passion of mine as a child, I loved cutting out their clothes.

I scanned my phone. We are wedded to our electronics today. So many desires are contained in the palm of our hands….we shop, we socialize, we listen to music and read the news.


Museum of Non-Visible Art