Welcome to Digital Imaging or How I Am Spending my Summer Vacation

As I continue my BFA journey I am taking a class called Digital Imaging. I hope to learn more about Photoshop as well as becoming comfortable with Illustrator. As a painter I often scan images of my paintings and manipulate them in Photoshop to try out an idea before making a real life change.

I make art because I see the world as paintings.  Driving on the highway north of Las Vegas the hills are actually giants sleeping under quilts. Aspen leaves are thousands of cheering fans in a huge arena, waving frantically in exultation. I see colors as mixtures of alizarin and ultramarine and cad yellow.

I make art because it keeps me centered. When I am not making art I am cranky and bored and restless.

I make art because I have ideas and beliefs I want to communicate with the world and I love the conversation it creates with the viewers.

I make art.


Museum of Non-Visible Art